PSDE 1500 Direct Mount – Marine Version

PSDE 1500 Direct Mount – Marine Version

Darley offers bronze pumps with 316 stainless shaft for marine applications. These marine firefighting pumps can be purchased to be fitted to a customer supplied marine engine or can be purchased precoupled and tested with a Darley supplied Kodiak marine engine.

Performance Curves
Repair Manuals
Operation Manuals
  • 1500 gpm (5678 L/M) @ 150 psi (10.3 bar)
  • 1050 gpm (3975 L/M) @ 200 psi (13.8 bar)
  • 750 gpm (2839 L/M) @ 250 psi (17.2 bar)
  • All Kodiak marine engines come standard with a closed cooling system and GM Marine Fuel Injection (MEFI) control modules
  • Pistons have high silicon content for improved durability and noise reduction
  • Electronic throttle provides precise idle and instant throttle response
  • Water cooled cast aluminum exhaust manifold reduces radiated heat to nearby components
  • Riser outlet is hard anodized

1,105 lbs. (501.22 kg)

51.88″L X 34.93″W X 32.33″H


  • Bronze pump
  • 316 stainless shaft and fittings

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