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Connecting Capabilities through Contracts

We facilitate even the most complex federal government procurement requirements. Our specialized contract vehicles allows us to provide unmatched rapid and ethical procurement services.

Tailored Logistics Support Program

Managed by DLA Troop Support, the TLS Programs allow authorized government agency customers to quickly and easily allocate MIPR or MILSTRIP funds to procure mission critical equipment and services.


Blanket Purchase Agreement for P100 Pump, MOTSU-MOTCO and Cold Weather Gear. BPAs make it easier to fill recurring needs with your specific requirements in mind. It takes advantage of quantity discounts, which save administrative time and reduces paperwork.

Open Market

S2P2 for Army with MIPR or MILSTRIP accepted up to $250k total. The Simplified Acquisition Threshold Supply Procurement Program, (S2P2) helps make acquisitions simpler, quicker and cheaper by harnessing today's e-commerce technology to more rapidly deliver supplies to Soldiers.


JPEO-CBRND, PM-SSES, JE-RDAP for all of DOD with MIPR or MILSTRIP accepted. Berry amendment and trade agreement applies. Unlimited transaction limit.

SW Mac

USAF Special Warfare - This indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract provides equipment, training and product support to approximately 3,500 Air Force Special Warfare operators, as well as authorized users, in support of Special Warfare mission requirements.

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Experience our depth of perspective and passion on effective execution of mission-critical operations with rapid procurement solutions.

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