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"Deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere." Your mission hinges on our ability to equip the Army with
best-in-world solutions. And Darley delivers on that need.

Total Army Requires Total Commitment to Excellence from Partners

Darley is invested in Total Army excellence. From critical manned and unmanned combat systems to unmatched technology and systems integrations, you need a partner to deliver. With our 80+ years of experience serving the US Government as a trusted contractor, majority Veteran employee-base and proven excellence in customer service, our word is our guarantee. You need exceptional systems of unmatched lethality. Darley delivers.
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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

7 Federal Government Contracts

80+ Years of Proven Government Contracting Success

Mission of People Over Profits

Powered by Relationships

Darley is powered by a network of OEMs who deploy our products, dealers who emphasize critical Darley distinctions, and supply partners who ensure convenient, one-stop shopping for our customers.


Darley offers the latest, best, and most comprehensive equipment options for first responders and tactical teams.



Darley offers the latest, best, and most comprehensive equipment options for first responders and tactical teams.


Darley's rigorous engineering and testing requirements ensures that the industry’s most respected seal of approval is built into all pumps that we offer.

Unmanned systems

Darley’s unmanned systems capabilities incorporate training, local regulations, software, and strategic support to ensure leading edge surveillance in any situation.


Darley’s virtual and augmented training solutions provide fully immersive learning experiences that are both safe and effective, for hazardous and emergency situations.

New from HazSim: Interactive, simulated hazmat training system

An active participation training solution that savely engages students and verifies understanding of chemical gasses, radiation, and more.

What Our Client Had to Say

You might not believe this, but you are already supporting me so much more than I get from others. I appreciate everything you do for me.

Please let everyone know how much we enjoy working with you folks from Darley. We appreciate everything you have done for us and for helping us work through the complicated process

Your team is top notch. It was easy to see the passion and commitment while working with the crew.

Working with Darley has been a great experience. We have felt valued and appreciated from day one.

Your team really cares. Everyone is willing to go above and beyond.

The passion your team has sets you apart from others.

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