Unmanned Systems

Bold, Next-Level Technology for All Mission Types

Darley’s expertise on Unmanned Systems spans the ocean floor to sub-orbital space. Underwater, ground, aircraft and anything that comes next; Darley's dedicated UxS team focuses solely on this space to ensure your success. We draw upon the expertise of the industry’s top-level technology solutions providers to develop integrated and leading-edge solutions for any mission type needed by warfighters and first responders.


The second line is UxS and robotics (first is sensors and third is humans), and our rapid procurement contracts ensure you can access secure and compliant unmanned systems for any mission type.

First Responders

Unmanned systems are a member of the team to help you improve your response and effectiveness. Surveillance and reconnaissance, search and rescue, de-escalation and mission-support. We have every tool you need - at the price you need - to ensure your effectiveness.

Partnering with Trusted Brands

Solutions that Extend Beyond the Sale of Drones

Darley’s signature approach to service and support is distinctly demonstrated in our approach to unmanned systems. We don’t sell drones. We build UxS strategies that incorporate training, local regulations, and software.

Questions? Let Us Know What We Can Do for You!

Here at Darley, we are honored to partner with you in recommending solutions and developing the right strategy for the right application.