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Persistent Systems

Event Security
Monitor. Coordinate. Prevent. Respond.

Unified Operational Picture

Integrated Radio over IP tethering allows teams from multiple organizations to coordinate and cooperate seamlessly. Real-time GPS-based position reporting and integrated HD video encoding and distribution provide a common operating picture. Plug-and-play integration of 3rd party sensors and systems enables real-time threat detection.

Special Operations
Find. Fix. Finish. Exploit. Analyze. Disseminate.

Empowering the Modern Warfighter

Ideally suited for body worn applications, the MPU5 is a Smart Radio that brings Voice, Video, Situational Awareness, and powerful Computing to the dismounted user at an optimized Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP). Network your dismount users with land, air, and sea assets to provide a unified operational picture, maximizing soldier safety. Gain a tactical advantage by leveraging information superiority to dominate the operational area.

Live Event Broadcasting
Encode. Stream. Distribute. Go Live.

Stream Video from Anywhere

Broadcast the action from the most challenging locations with the MPU5’s MANET network and go live. The long range, high throughput MIMO radio system combined with industry leading multi-hop routing capability allows you to capture the action from anywhere. With HD Encoding and the Network integrated into a small wearable Smart Radio, you can achieve extreme point of view shots without interrupting the action.

Emergency Mangement
Deploy. Inter-Operate. Locate. Protect.

Rapid Network Deployment

In any emergency, the first systems to fail are cell towers and fixed infrastructure. Arrive prepared and instantly establish a mobile high speed network anywhere simply by turning the MPU5 on.

Know where your teammates are located and coordinate across agencies seamlessly by leveraging integrated Radio over IP. Your communication does not have to become the second disaster.

Unamnned Systems
Command. Control. Network. Swarm.

Extend your Network

Easily integrate the MPU5 into your unmanned systems. The MPU5’s fully featured Smart Radio platform provides HD video encoding, Ethernet, RS-232 over IP, extended range, and extremely high throughput.

Replace many systems on your unmanned platform with one MPU5 and save Size, Weight, Power, and Cost. Your Android control application installs directly on the MPU5, enabling a single Smart Radio to fly or drive all of your unmanned systems. Your entire fleet of unmanned systems can now operate and communicate on a common network.