Disaster Relief & Mitigation

Natural and man-made disasters are on the rise around the world and more so than ever before Darley is working closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide much needed relief and mitigate against dire situations.

Aligning with FEMA

Among the many ways that Darley has found to step up with solutions is through work with FEMA to address the needs of displaced citizens after natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires.

FEMA has also awarded Darley a major contract to Darley to provide residential fire sprinkler systems for FEMA housing. When disaster survivors are displaced from their homes, they are often sheltered in temporary housing called Manufactured Housing Units (MHUs). These MHUs will now be provided with completely self-contained fire sprinkler systems.

In a report to ABC news, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate noted, “When you put people into a new environment, into a new home they’re not familiar with after they’ve lost everything, it’s likely there’s an increased risk of accidents. Some of those might be accidental fires.”

Essential Life Provisions

Our current environment is never that far from the unexpected or the unthinkable, as was the case in February of 2021 when record drops in temperatures shut down the power grid, as well as the water supply, for much of Texas.

Darley was part of the solution, providing safe water boxes to hospitals, fire departments and food banks, totaling nearly 40,000 gallons of water delivered on 200 pallets.

As the trends clearly point to a sharp increase in natural disasters, Darley is is sharpening its focus on products to help first responders with relief and mitigation.

FEMA Expertise On Board

A prominent voice on the Darley Board of Directors is Garry Briese, a former FEMA regional director with a depth of perspective and passion for community safety and livability. Garry’s presence represents an increased awareness that stewards of the common good need to expect the unexpected and be prepared to pivot in new and innovative ways.

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