How We Do It

Legacy, Vision & Leadership​

Our history, along with our heart and soul, is tied to the needs of first responders.

The number of companies that were formed at the turn of the last century and continue to lead their industry and make a difference is rather small. At the top of our game for 12 decades, Darley has defied the odds and stands as a distinct outlier of the fate that almost inevitably affects businesses of every size.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The giants who founded Darley serve as the foundation of our profound dedication to excellence and innovation. Even more important are the giants who we serve. They are the ones who truly inspire us to run a company that’s deserving of their life’s work and noble missions. 

We wake up every morning fully aware of the caliber of individuals who count on Darley solutions. Fully aware of all that’s at stake, there is never any question that nothing but the best will do.

Innovation & Growth

As individuals and as a company, Darley is committed to growth. In 2018, our company sales grew by 59%. While this is an amazing figure for a family business that’s well into its second century of service, it’s important to point out that nearly 50% of sales came from products that were not offered just five years ago.

The world in which we operate is rapidly evolving, which is why we maintain a sharp focus on the mega-trends that affect our firefighter, military, export, and federal customers. Frequently present at industry events and always eager to hear from our customers, we actively listen. 

The voices of our customers inform our strategy and resulting solutions.

Questions? Let Us Know What We Can Do for You!

Here at Darley, we are honored to partner with you in recommending solutions and developing the right strategy for the right application.