Virtual & Augmented Reality

Innovative Training Solutions

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are viable training tools for the fire service that makes the industry more effective and safer. The reduction in the economic, environmental, and human costs — along with the tangible benefits of VR/AR training — are too significant to ignore.


With precise tools and software for arms simulation, you get the training you need to be fully prepared when you're in combat. We also offer extensive fire training simulation for facilities with highly flammable and mission-critical assets.

First Responders

Fully immersive, multi-sensory, physical experiences that enables first responders to train more, learn more and be better prepared. We have options for fire service, law enforcement, hazmat and EMTs.

Partnering with Trusted Brands

Simple, Immersive, Practical

Fully immersive VR & AR learning solutions for training in hazardous and emergency situations. From FLAIM Solutions supporting fire training to RiVR's immersive worlds to investigate crimes, VR training brings a hazardous world to life in safe ways to augment training. HazSim's hands-on simulations makes AR/augmented reality work for today's first responders and hazmat workers. SlateSafety brings wearables to the workplace with connected devices that act as an early-warning system for heat strain and overexertion that can be used to prevent injuries.

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