Corporate Social Responsibility​

Social Responsibility is Woven into the Darley DNA

Our history, along with our heart and soul, is tied to the needs of first responders.

Darley CSR water distribution

For many companies, corporate social responsibility is a conversation that occurs outside of the normal course of doing business – possibly one day every year devoted to community service or a giving campaign directed toward a designated charity.

Social responsibility is what defines us. We serve as part of our DNA and core mission.

As a family-owned company, everyone who joins forces with us becomes a member of the family, and we are united in the common purpose of being of service to each other along with the greater good of the heroes we support. 

The Darley Family Foundation

Started in 2004, the Darley Family Foundation makes donations throughout the year to causes both local and national decided on by the executive team. Beneficiaries vary from year to year and donations range in size.

William J. Darley Charity Fund


Darley installed two Elkay EZH20 Bottle Refill Stations at our Itasca headquarters that provide filtered and chilled drinking water for all employees. Since the stations were installed in 2017, the refill stations have saved over 110,618 water bottles. 
Darley also invested in solar panels for the roof of our headquarters building. They were installed at the end of 2020 and to date we have produced 262.624MWh of solar energy reducing our total utility usage by 75%. The environmental benefits are significant as this has saved 406,668.352lbs of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to planting 3,073 trees.

Disaster Relief

We have made a number of water donations, both short and long-term, to help those without clean drinking water. The Flint, MI water crisis began in 2014 and continues on today. We have delivered over 25 trailers of water and we’re working with point of entry water treatment solutions to ensure no lead-contaminated water can get into homes. We’re doing this work with the National Clean Water Collective.

  • During Hurricane Ida in September 2021, we sent 5,000 gallons of water to our friends at Ferrarra Fire Apparatus and another 10 trailer loads of water to different non-profits.
  • During the 2021 Texas ice storm, where 10 million people lost power, we sent 200+ pallets of water over 3 weeks.
  • In January 2022, after a New Year’s Eve wildfire in Boulder displaced so many people in Erie, CO, we sent a trailer load of water to them.
  • We also support solar and wind-powered water treatment in Nepal and Tanzania to empower the local communities to be able to clean their own water.