WSRS Episode 0 - Hydrant Booster Improving Rural Fire Departments

Firefighting in a rural area is far different than firefighting in an urban environment. First, a small towns water distribution system isn’t as powerful. Which in turn reduces the number of hydrants and the water pressure at these hydrants. The lack of water pressure puts stress on firefighters who manage the tankers. The Hydrant booster is a system that increases pressure in the water distribution system, saving firefighters time when filling tankers and increasing access to hydrants.

The Hydrant Booster is a stationary pump that pumps up to 3,000 gpm at 250 psi. The booster also receives the equivalent ISO reduction as a Class A pumper. The Corrales fire department, for example, installed three hydrant boosters and saw their community ISO rating drop from Class 7 to a Class 4 rating.

The Hydrant Booster provides a boost to a water distribution systems pressure and lowers the communities ISO rating. Rural communities have enough challenges don’t they deserve a solution just for them.