Darley’s Partnership with Daytona International Speedway

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Under a recent four-year agreement, Darley has become a proud provider of firefighting pumps and related equip-ment to the Daytona International Speedway (DIS). Daytona International Speedway, known as the World Center of Racing since 1959, is known for its 31˚ high banks and fast speeds around its 2.5 mile tri-oval. Troy Willrick, director of event & emergency services notes, “When you have vehicles approaching 200 mph, there will be incidents where rapid fire extinguishment may be  necessary, and we trust Darley’s pumps to provide that protection.” Under this agreement, Darley provided a new customized skid unit to DIS that will be used on rapid response incidents. Darley provided a custom Fast Attack 2 com-plete with a Pro Poly tank, Whelen light package and Hannay reel. According to Darley Engineer Steve Chamberlin, “Our employees always take pride in their work, and many of them are racing enthusiasts, so this job had a lot of special meaning to them.” Darley logos have been placed on the product skid unit, and all DIS track employees now have the Darley logo prominently displayed on their helmets. The agreement also calls for announcements to be made regularly via public address messaging throughout all DIS NASCAR events. 

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