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Last September, Darley’s Board of Directors and Fire Advisory Board visited our pump and tactical divisions located in Chippewa Falls, WI. We were proud to showcase our operations and hard-working employees who tirelessly keep everything running smoothly while exceeding customer expectations. All our board members were impressed by our state-of-the-art operations, our safety measures, our innovation, our quality, and efficiency of our production processes. 

We are grateful to have such a diverse group of highly experienced and respected board members that help us determine our strategic direction and provide us with valuable insights and guidance. 


During that same time, we gathered to celebrate John Monpas’ retirement after 47.5 years of service. John, a world class machinist, produced precision pump components that went on to save count-less lives and property. We wish John the very best and our sincere gratitude for all he has done and accomplished in his time with Team Darley and throughout his life!

John Monpas retirement

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