Darley Pumps and CAFS Protect South Africa

SENTRY Wildland Interface pumper
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Industrial Fire & Hazard Control, a company based in South Africa, has developed a new wildland firefighting vehicle called the SENTRY Wildland Interface Pumper. The vehicle is built on a MAN TGM18.240 commercial 4×4 chassis and fitted with a Darley Hornet CAFS and Darley HM500 PTO driven pump with a Trident FOAMATE ATP system.

The SENTRY offers an Elkhart Sidewinder deck monitor and Elkhart BrushHawk bumper turret, all operated from inside the cab. A HyperSight thermal imaging camera is fitted to the BrushHawk.

Built for a mining company in South Africa for wildland urban/mining interface type fires, the SENTRY is designed to ensure maximum impact at the fire incident with a “go anywhere” capability.

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