Darley Fast Foam 150 Class “A” Foam Proportioner


Darley Fast Foam 150 Class “A” Foam Proportioner

The motor is a 12 VDC, 1/2 hp continuous speed electric motor. The pump is a continuous-duty, piston-type, positive displacement pump. The pump is rated at 1.5 gpm. The pump shall be supplied with a 250 psi (17.2 b) safety relief valve for protection against over-pressurization. The Venturi will flow up to 150 gpm.

  • Up to 150 GPM @ 1% at pressures up to 400 PSI

Pilot Operated Relief Valve

  • This simple non-electronic device is the key to reliable, repeatable, and safe operation. The PORV controls the foam concentrate flow path by diverting the excess foam concentrate, not utilized in the injection process, back to the foam concentrate tank. The PORV takes a water pressure signal from the main waterway and shifts the valve mechanically to control the system.

Control Panel

  • The control panel consists of a placard with operating instructions, a low concentrate level warning light, on/off power switch and fully adjustable concentrate metering valve. This metering valve is infinitely adjustable from 0% to 1%.

Safety Interlocks

  • The system shall have a water pressure switch that prevents the unit from operating in the absence of water pressure. The system shall be provided with a foam concentrate low-level float switch. The float switch will turn off the system when the foam concentrate level is low. The system shall be provided with a momentary interlock override switch.

System Components

    1. Pump unit (assembled)
      1. 12 VDC motor
      2. 1.5 gpm Piston Pump
      3. Pilot Operated Relief Valve
      4. Pressure Relief Safety Valve
      5. Water Pressure Switch
      6. Circuit Breaker
      7. Control Relays
      8. Momentary Interlock Override switch
      9. Concentrate Injection Check Valve
      10. Water resistant Electric Connection Plugs
      11. Three-Way Flush Valve
    2. System Controller
      1. Panel Mount Placard with Operating Instructions
      2. Low Concentrate Warning Light
      3. On/Off Switch
      4. Proportioning Valve
      5. Wiring Harness
    3. Master Check Valve
    4. Injection Venturi
    5. Low Concentrate Float Switch with Wiring Harness
    6. One (1) Printed Instruction Manual
    7. One (1) Flash drive Instruction manual

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