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Odin CAFS Brochure

‚ÄčThe Odin CAFS Brochure details the CAFS available for sale from ODIN, including the Mongoose, the Mustang, the Derringer, the Weapon, Cobra, and more. Each system is given a detailed summary of its engine, pump, dimensions & weight, application, performance, and special features. No matter your department’s situation, there’s a CAFS for it.

Odin Foam By Darley

ODIN is known for its industry-leading CAF Systems; its systems can improve firefighter effectiveness by up to 400%. CAFS have been pioneered and proven in the US Forestry sector due to its efficiency on heavy fuel loads. ODIN CAFS reduce water requirements and provide a lighter and more effective solution to knock down fires.

ODIN Cobra 200/100 Engine Driven CAFS

The ODIN Cobra is ideal for wildland, quick attack, rescue & skid unit applications