Milwaukee Switches to Darley Pumps

Milwaukee Fire Truck with Darley Pump
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Making the Switch

Fire Departments around the country are lining up to switch to Darley pumps. Darley has over 100 years of pump design and manufacturing experience. With that kind of experience, it’s no surprise that Darley apparatus pumps are recommended so highly.

Milwaukee Specifies the Darley LDMX 1500 Fire Pump

The Milwaukee Fire Department recently signed a multi-unit contract with Reliant Fire Apparatus, representing Pierce Manufacturing, and specified the Darley LDMX 1500 fire pump.

How does Darley make the best apparatus pumps on the market? It starts with the engineering team. Darley’s engineers create cutting-edge solutions resulting in their pumps being the most compact and efficient pumps on the market.

An innovative design is invaluable, but quality parts keep maintenance costs down and the apparatus running longer. Darley’s Vacuum Cast Impeller is one way Darley separates itself from the competition. By vacuum casting the impeller, Darley eliminates porosity. Any amount of porosity will result in an imbalanced and structurally weak impeller.

Another part that pushes Darley above the competition is with Darley’s Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal. Over time a pump’s seal can become less effective and require lengthy maintenance to keep the pump running. Darley’s mechanical seal resists wear and dry running much better than conventional Ni-resist and tungsten carbide materials. Less wear and tear means more time and money saved.

On the topic of maintenance, part replacement should be a key factor when deciding which pump to order. If it takes two or three weeks for a manufacturer to ship a replacement pump part, that’s several weeks an apparatus is out of commission. Darley ships most parts within 24 hours of ordering. Darley can offer this benefit because its pump manufacturing plant is in Chippewa Falls, WI. It is a truly American-made, union-built product.

The icing on the cake is Darley’s industry-leading warranty, a six-year manufacturer’s warranty that includes three years of parts and labor.

It’s no surprise Milwaukee switched to Darley; the question is, why haven’t you?

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