Shreveport Switches to Darley Pumps

Shreveport Fire Department.
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Darley’s commitment to success is showcased every time a customer makes the decision to switch to Darley pumps in their apparatus. Their reasons may vary from low cost of ownership, compact design, customer support, commitment to excellence, lifetime warranty, family-owned, or made in the USA. When a customer like Shreveport, Louisiana, chooses Darley, we know we’re doing something right.

This customer started conversations with Darley in 2020 at the Fire-Rescue International conference. They were beginning the process of replacing their fleet and working to ensure the decisions they made could serve their department and constituents long-term.

We discussed their needs and options: Midship, PTO, and the Darley PSP. After conversations and analysis with our pump sales and engineers, the Shreveport FD demanded Darley PSP 1500 pumps in their new specifications.

Shreveport is the 3rd largest city in Louisiana, sitting at the crossroads of Arkansas and Texas. Shreveport’s response areas include residential and commercial structures, a major airport, rail, and river traffic. And they’re neighbors of the Barksdale Air Force Base.

This complex city needed a well-engineered solution, and we are honored they chose Darley.

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