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3500/3600 Blast Hole Pump

The all power small diameter blast hole dewatering system uses the world wide field proven dewatering cycle. All functions are hydraulically powered with push button controls. The unit is self propelled with a hydrostatic transmission allowing variable speed control. The dewatering head is lowered and raised through the automatic hole guard from the powered reel to the bottom of the blast hole. Push buttons on the control console allows smooth control for this cycle. The pump dewaters the hole, shuts off the head, idles the engine and signals the operator to raise the head and move to the next hole automatically

The rear axle is powered with individual drive hubs allowing disengagement for towing, engagement of both wheels for maximum traction and single wheel engagement for maximum maneuverability. Moving between blast holes is accomplished by actuating thumb controls on tiller. Hydraulic braking maintains the selected machine position over the hole.


10 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
12V Electrical System with Ignition Switch
2500 PSI Hydraulic System with Push Button Controls
Mobile Speed 0-3 MPH Forward & Reverse
2.75” Diameter Pump Head
Capacity of 16 GPM to Depths of 100 FT
100 FT of Tri-Hose Standard
Weight Aprox. 900 LBS