Odin® Darley Autovalve™ Kits


Odin® Darley Autovalve™ Kits

The Autovalve™ is a user-programmable valve system to be used in Compressed Air Foam systems, powered by 12-volt or 24-volt battery power. The Autovalve™ shall have predetermined flow settings for a water and air valve by operation of the flow buttons. The system shall operate several modes of flow choices:

  • DRY C.A.F.
  • WET C.A.F.
  • H2O (Water Only)

Presets for the Dry and Wet settings will be completely programmable in 100 incremental set points. In addition to the memorized presets, the system will have the ability to open or shut the water valve to any choice of flow range between closed and fully open valve under normal CAFS operation. The digital display will interpret the water valve opening percentage and display that percentage on the controller screen.

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