EM 2000 Design Improvements

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The EM 2000, which is available in both two-stage and single-stage configurations. The EM has been an incredibly solid product for our Metro customers. 

New customers including Edmonton, Charlotte, Toronto as well as longtime Darley Demanders Cleveland, Tacoma, Beijing, and many others have demanded the EM pump, reporting extremely low total cost of ownership and unparalleled reliability and longevity.

While we are proud of the consistently positive feedback, we continually strive to improve at Darley. Our most recent improvement has been several years in the making. Utilizing our enhanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs, we slightly redesigned two of our PS series impellers and put them into EM pump casings. The results have been incredible. The pump is capable of 2250 GPM @ 165 PSI in parallel (flow) mode, and over 600 GPM @ 600 PSI in series (pressure) mode when supplied as a two-stage.

Deliveries on the EM 2250 pump will begin soon. If you are writing specs today demanding higher flows, looking to push the envelope in reserve capacity on a 2000 rated pump, or enhancing your pressure and flow capabilities at the top of ever growing skyscrapers, you should consider the new EM 2250.

For more information and to order, please contact your regional Darley representative who can be found at www.darley.com/company-directory/international.

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