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Edmonton Becomes the Newest Major Metro Fire Department to Switch to Darley Pumps

The city of Edmonton, Alberta has experienced continued growth in the last decade. With the growth the city has seen, the sky has literally been the limit. In 2015, the city of Edmonton had been requested to permit skyscrapers taller than had ever been constructed in the city, some buildings exceeding 70 stories, new heights for Edmonton.

When these requests landed on the desks of the FD members responsible for providing direction and ultimately fire protection, the city began to look within their apparatus’ capabilities to provide firefighting flows at the top of these buildings. The FD engaged manufacturers and many similar sized metros and exchanged ideas on their needs. They ultimately determined the Darley EM 6000 LPM 2-stage pump would be specified on these apparatus to provide effective firefighting flows and pressures from the ground, over 700’ below, in the event lift stations failed or were disabled.

Edmonton Logistics Chief Walter Gahler commented to Jason Darley, “In addition to the top-notch service we received through the evaluation process, we determined that Darley pumps had significant advantages in the overall design of the product, significant advantage in the warranty coverage and the awesome feature of the heater core to provide additional protection to the pump in our climate. It was a big move but we decided to pull the trigger and make the switch and we couldn’t be more excited for the vehicle of the future for Edmonton.” For more information or to choose the best pump for your city, contact Jason Darley, or at 715-456-9390.