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AutoCAFS Innovation Continues

Once you have realized the power of Darley’s Auto CAFS, you’ll soon understand that high flow (over 1000 gpm) fire pumps may not be completely necessary in terms of pure fire extinguishment power. The Darley HMBC fire pump boasts the ever-popular Darley HM 500 gpm fire pump coupled to our clutched 220 cfm rotary screw air compressor package. The entire unit can be driven via a single PTO and can be set up to be very compact. This pump is a great water transfer pump that also doubles as a very potent CAFS pump.

This combination was designed to be mounted in the same basic way as an HM 500 and can be driven with either the 4 o’clock or the 8 o’clock PTO off the Allison automatic transmission. It also works very well mounted atop the frame in a rear mount application. Darley can set it up with or without discharge and suction plumbing or you can manufacture your own. The price is more budget-friendly than most large CAFS pump systems since this pump is sized perfectly for the 220 cfm air compressor. According to Troy Carothers, Darley CAFS Product Specialist, “This pump falls into the category of “Everything you need and nothing you don’t.”