Inside Darley December 2023

Hi, I am Paul Darley, and thanks for tuning into our December issue of Inside Darley. Hopefully you and your family had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday if you’re here in North America.

We started off January of 2023 talking about megatrends that were going to impact our industry in 2023, and at the top of that list is artificial intelligence. As we get ready for 2024 as a business, we always start by looking at megatrends and then industry trends and how that impacts our business and making sure that we adjust our strategic plan accordingly. In this issue, we’ve attached a number of articles for you on artificial intelligence.

The first one is from Forbes Magazine that talks about the 10 biggest industry trends that they see in 2024. At the top of their list is generative AI followed closely by soft skills, hiring and employee retention and sustainability as a business. Those themes are very much in line with what the other articles that we’ve attached here from Accenture and Gartner, who’s a marketing firm that we subscribe to. Goldman Sachs is another one we have given you a lot of generative AI articles on as well. Lastly, McKinsey has a great 10 must reads for CEOs on artificial intelligence that we’ve attached. When you look around OpenAI, that’s the owners who run ChatGPT, they just actually fired Sam Altman on November 20th. They did that primarily because they felt he was pushing AI too quickly and that he was perhaps compromising the safety of that. With that, we as a business, and as a defense contractor needed to go and make sure that we were totally in compliance with CMMC and other cyber rules to be a federal contractor. We’ve published our own policies for use of AI and if you’re interested in those, please reach out to me and I would be happy to share those with you. Part of those policies, we’ve actually had to Ban ChatGPT and Claude AI at our company. The approved platforms that we use, our Windows Copilot, as well as Bing Chat. There are just some interesting things to make sure that you’ve got security measures around cyber these days.

We’re going to talk more about in our January and February issues, trends that really impact both our defense and fire customers. So hopefully you’ll tune in then. Just as we close out the year, we really want to thank you, our customers, for the opportunity to serve you over the past

year. It’s truly a blessing for us to be able to serve our warfighters, to serve those who serve others. Thank you again for that opportunity. We wish you and your families a very peaceful holiday season. If there’s anything we can be doing to serve you, we hope you’ll reach out to us.


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