Exxon Mobile and Dow Chemical Demand Big Water

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An industrial setting requires fire trucks to flow a high volume of pressured water and foam at an extremely high rate of speed to elevated storage tanks and large processing facilities.

When the Exxon and Dow Chemical fire department needed four new industrial pumper fire trucks, they trusted Pierce Manufacturing to deliver fully-equipped, highly capable apparatus with unique added features.

The first delivered Baytown Refinery pumper features a Velocity® chassis and the largest engine available for fire trucks, a Cummins X15, 605 hp with 2050 lbs. feet of torque, required to drive the Darley 2ZSM pump. The 5500 gpm pump can discharge in excess of 10,000 gallons per minute from a pressured water source. The Husky™450 Industrial foam system is managed with hydraulically actuated valves with flow meters on every discharge, allowing operators to vary foam percentages for each individual discharge. This proprietary digitally controlled foam proportioning system responds rapidly and accurately to changes in water pressure and flow.

The Darley 2ZSM6000 industrial fire pump can be rated up to 6000 GPM for industrial application. In 2019, Darley set a World Record in 2019 for the largest volume pumping fire apparatus.

Following an explosion on July 14, 2023, a fire ensued at the Dow Chemical Plant in Iberville, LA. The Darley 2ZSM pumped for days as it helped to contain the fire.

Darley also offers the ZSM 3000 which is the choice of many industrial, large municipal and military applications. Learn more at www.darley.com/pumps

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