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Sheldon Community Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Houston, TX

Darley Apparatus delivered a CAFS Vision Apparatus to Sheldon Community Fire in Houston. Featuring a Spartan Gladiator EMFD with 10” raised roof, the truck has a polymer body, 120V electrical system and roll up doors. The wrap around pump panel controls a Top HD LDMBC CAFS pump module and Darley LDMBC 1750 Single Stage pump. Other highlights include an Auto CAFS II 220 CFM, Foam Pro 3012 CAFS, deck gun and booster reel.

You can download specs, features, drawings and more on this apparatus using the links below. To learn more about Darley Apparatus contact us using the information to the right.

3022 3024 Summary
3022 3024 Specifications
3022 3024 Features
3022 3024 Drawing 1
3022 3024 Drawing 2