Global Manufacturer, Darley, Adopts Luminance’s AI to Enhance Contracting Processes

Luminance AI.
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28 June 2023 | Luminance, the world’s most advanced AI for legal process automation, today announced that global manufacturer and distributor, Darley, has adopted its next-generation technology to supercharge the organisation’s contracting processes.

As a provider of high-quality engineering solutions and operational equipment to military and first responders, including fire departments, EMS and law enforcement communities, Darley services some of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Faced with significant regulatory complexity, Darley sought an advanced AI technology that would enable the company to effortlessly automate contract negotiations and drastically reduce the risk of human error.

Darley chose Luminance for its out-of-the-box ability to automatically take a first pass review of any incoming contract and help reduce time wasted reviewing repetitive, standard wording. Luminance’s revolutionary ‘Traffic Light Analysis’ visually indicates where terms differ from previously agreed wording, enabling in-house legal teams to ensure compliance with both internal standards and external regulations. Crucially, Darley can upload jurisdiction and market-specific internal precedents to Luminance, ensuring the legal team maintains compliance with regulatory requirements across borders and customer segments.

With key contracts having previously been siloed across the organisation, Darley will also be using Luminance’s AI-powered contract repository to centralise its legal and enterprise data. The business subsequently plans to utilise Luminance to better understand areas of business opportunity and maximise revenue capture. For instance, Luminance’s AI will automatically flag key periods such as commencement dates, breaks and expiration.

Matt Dursa, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at Darley, commented: “As a business that operates in a highly regulated environment across multiple state and international borders, we will always have to deal with significant legal complexity. But with Luminance’s AI, we can now tackle this complexity more effectively by streamlining our day-to-day contracting processes, enabling us to achieve invaluable time-savings and deploy resource where it really counts.”

Clementine Fox, US General Manager at Luminance, added: “I am delighted to welcome Darley to the growing list of US organisations adopting Luminance’s technology. In-house lawyers wear a lot of different hats these days – they’re business enablers, strategists, customer relationship managers and a key source of knowledge for the rest of the company. With Luminance in their legal toolkit, Darley’s legal team can focus on delivering value across this broad remit.”


About Darley

Darley provides the highest quality technology and equipment solutions to military and first responders. With origins in Midwest manufacturing, Darley offers our nation’s heroes a complete line of unmanned systems, technology, equipment and pumps.

About Luminance

Luminance is the world’s most advanced AI technology for the legal processing of contracts and documents. Founded by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Luminance’s AI reads and forms a conceptual understanding of documents in any language. Luminance uses this understanding to augment the spectrum of legal matters, from AI-powered contract drafting, negotiation and review to investigations and eDiscovery. Luminance is used by over 500 customers in 60 countries, including all of the Big Four consultancy firms, a quarter of the world’s largest law firms and multinational organisations.

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