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DJI solutions are facilitating new possibilities for thermal imaging from the air, capturing images with pinpoint precision that can be saved for further analysis.


When firefighters arrive on the scene,, the most important need is to view hot spots while also being able to assess the entire situation. It takes less than 55 seconds to unfold this drone, turn it on, establish the secure radio link, and deploy it.


Autel’s suite of drone thermal imaging solutions enable the four times greater capture of subject detail than any aircraft in its class, along with an adjustable aperture range for exceptional image precision.


Designed as an asset for public safety and homeland security, the EMILY platform’s unique and lightweight design allows for deployment of the boat line by a single individual for efficient transit to another means of transportation.

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Darley has a grant support program to help departments secure the funding for virtual reality and augmented reality training solutions. Grant consultants provide support throughout the entire process, including researching available grants and helping with the submission of applications.

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