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OXE Marine

OXE Diesel is the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard engine, built and designed for the demanding commercial user.

OXE300: Our Most Powerful Engine Yet

945Nm (696ft-lb) at the propeller shaft. The OXE300 provides you with more of everything – more speed, more efficiency and more endurance. Built on reliability, power and control, just like all OXE Diesel outboards.

OXE and Biodiesel

All OXE Diesel Outboards can be run on biodiesel. This means that you can further reduce your environmental impact by lowering your net carbon footprint by up to 94,2%.

Swedish American OXE Marine was founded in Sweden in 2012 with the ambition to create the world’s first high-performance diesel outboard developed primarily for commercial use. We are driven by a passion to develop, improve, keep building and finalized our first diesel outboard, the OXE Diesel, in the spring of 2014.