Darley Partners with FoxFury Lighting Solutions and the NPSDDP in Drone Giveaway at FDIC

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The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPSDDP), in partnership with Darley and FoxFury Lighting Solutions, will be giving away a DJI Mavic Mini 2 Flymore Combo drone kit at FDIC this weekend. If your department is in need of a drone program, please visit NPSDDP in booth #3662. Record your video request live for the chance to win this drone/lighting kit.

UAV/UAS tools and technology are expensive and many departments have tight budgets. NPSDDP works closely with public safety departments, first responders and police departments to find funding and/or donations to support their UAV needs.

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is a premium lighting company whose products include drone lights for public safety, tactical and search and rescue operations. The lights are extremely powerful but still comply with FAA night flight lighting regulations.

Darley is a market leader in the public safety UAV field through our complete program builds that include equipment, training, software and suppport. For information on customizing a drone program for your department, please visit our booth, #3557, at FDIC, or visit our website, www.darley.com. We look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!​

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