The New Catalog Has Arrived. What’s New?

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The Darley catalog has arrived and with it brings the newest and most innovative products for first responders. This year has forced departments to adapt and find new ways to safely assist their communities. Darley recognizes this “new normal”, embraces change, and our catalog reflects these changing needs.  




Frequenters of our catalogs will notice the new Infection Control PPE section. With COVID-19 making its way through the world, first responders need to have access to the latest infection control PPE. The section includes safety masks, cases of disposable gowns and gloves, and decon equipment designed to protect personnel from infectious disease. The world has changed, and infectious disease PPE has become a staple to a departments’ PPE inventory.

If your department is always on the lookout for ways to improve their training, we hear you. We’ve created our new Training section to showcase the latest in virtual reality and innovation, from the new FLAIM trainer and FLAIM Extinguisher to RiVR’s virtual classrooms. The FLAIM trainer offers a safe, low-cost, and mobile training aid for firefighters. The equipment here is designed to complement traditional training, not to replace it. These training systems allow for increased departmental training, leading to better preparedness.

In addition to our new virtual training section, we have expanded our robotics section. The section includes the most innovative unmanned robotic equipment departments need, and the training required for a department to run its program. Customers will also find the support Darley offers its customers to ensure a safe and successful robotics program.

Darley customers will notice that our PDF now has active links. Clicking one of these links will open a page on your browser to the corresponding product page. We hope who prefer browsing the PDF before buying will find this to be a helpful feature.

The most exciting part of a new catalog is the new products. FLIR’s Scion OTM family of thermal imagers is now available. The Scion TOM captures clear thermal images in complete darkness or glaring light and haze. The imager records videos and images, which are geotagged. The camera has an IP67-rated housing, which means it can take a beating and stay functioning in hazardous environments. The FLIR Scion is just one new thermal imager in our catalog.

If you do not need a new thermal imager, but could use a new helmet light. Look no further than the Vantage II from StreamlightStreamlight is known for its bright and durable lights, and the Vantage II continues that legacy. The flashlight offers a high and low mode for flexibility during operation. The high mode can produce 350 lumens, while the low mode brings out 135. The case is a durable aluminum that can take heat and smoke with a lens capable of handling high temperatures. This light is no-frills and functions better than you expect and is a great addition to any first responder’s tool kit.




We hope the changes to our catalog aid you in your continued mission to support your community. If there is anything we can do to better serve you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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