Podcast – Blastmask SCBA Training System

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A Firefighter’s training is incredibly important; lives can be lost because of ineffective training. Collin and Justin saw a problem firefighters had when training with their SCBA bottles, and created a solution. The Blastmask gives a firefighter the ability to train with their SCBA without having to constantly refill air bottles. It’s important to note that the Blastmask is a supplemental training device, and is not meant to replace SCBA training with air, but allow firefighters to train with SCBA more often.


A SCBA can be the most important piece of gear a firefighter uses and the training for the device is an important part of a firefighter’s safety. The more a firefighter trains with their SCBA the better their survivability will be when in the middle of an emergency situation. Another benefit Collin and Justin talk about is the savings on resources. In order to refill the SCBA bottles departments will have to go to a cascade system, this takes time and resources away from training.

Supplemental training materials like BlastMask have become a popular tool for departments and fire schools. BlasMask isn’t meant to replace SCBA training, but allow firefighters to spend more time with the SCBA on. This extra training helps create muscle memory and promote readiness, the closer a firefighters training is to a realistic situation the more effective that training will be.


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