Ohler Pumps – Boost Water Pressure and Supply

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Residential fires remain a significant issue throughout the United States. When water pressure and supply is inefficient, NFPA 13D standards require households to install a pump and tank systems to increase water supply and water flow.

To combat residential fires, Ohler began offering The StarterPaq™, a new line of fire sprinkler pumps for individual single family homes. The StarterPaq line offers everything from simple, inexpensive pump and manifold systems to top-of-the-line units that include a skid mounted and self-testing panel control feature.

The easy-to-install StarterPaq ships fully assembled within 24 hours and meets all system demands. StarterPaq systems also feature simple manifold connections and a single point electrical connection. We currently offer five different models, and systems now start as low at $549. Visit www.starterpaq.com to order today.

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