ODIN® FOAM – Customization Since 1981

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Since its beginning dating back to 1981 (division of W.S. Darley since 1997), ODIN Foam has specialized in customizing Foam and CAFS firefighting systems. In fact, ODIN Foam had 7 CAFS engines at the Yellowstone Fire in 1987. Customizing systems to fit customers’ wants and needs has been a stronghold for Odin Foam and continues today.

In 2016, ODIN Foam equipped firefighters with almost 200 customized CAFS systems, Ultra-High Pressure systems, and Drop-In Skid systems (with and without foam). With a strong pride of the past and a great outlook for the future, ODIN Foam continues to produce high quality custom products that will fit the needs of today’s firefighters!

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