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There is a rule of thumb that a fire will double in size every minute, which means putting out a fire quickly can drastically reduce the amount of danger and damage it can cause. One of the biggest changes in firefighter speed and effectiveness in the past 50 years has come with the introduction of Compressed Air Foam Systems.

ODIN is known for its industry-leading CAF Systems; its systems can improve firefighter effectiveness by up to 400%. CAFS have been pioneered and proven in the US Forestry sector due to its efficiency on heavy fuel loads. ODIN CAFS reduce water requirements and provide a lighter and more effective solution to knock down fires.

ODIN manufactures industrial welded steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel products to meet the demanding needs and requirements of the systems. ODIN will produce the plumbing and any customization options to fit a department’s needs. All ODIN’s systems come with a Darley pump, which is known for its high quality, durability, and performance. ODIN offers several turnkey solutions to fit into a department’s apparatus. PTO kits and modules are available to make a department’s apparatus CAFS compatible.

ODIN offers quick turnarounds on their fast attack skid units, which are available in standard and custom options. ODINS in house drafting and modeling teams allow them to customize any of their products.

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