Next Generation Fire Fighter Training now available

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This week FLAIM Systems Pty Ltd takes another step forward in our evolution with our official launch of FLAIM Trainer® in North America at FDIC 2018. We are proud to be working with WS Darley and Co (Darley) as our official distributor and one of the most innovative and progressive companies in the fire industry.

The launch of FLAIM Trainer® in the North American market continues our efforts to deliver next-generation training solutions to the emergency services sector.

FLAIM Trainer® family of solutions are next-generation firefighter training systems which comprise an immersive VR environment combined with realistic scenarios, patented force feedback system, breathing apparatus, real nozzles, and heated personal protective clothing, to provide a unique training and engagement experience.

FLAIM Trainer® is a safe low cost, mobile and distributed solution that can simulate a range of fire events and conditions for training firefighters. FLAIM Trainer® makes training hot, hard and powerful so you can train more, train better and train anywhere.

FLAIM Trainer® solutions can be used by fire services to train and engage their teams, support recruitment, and educate the community in firefighting.

FLAIM Trainer® solutions are perfect for those organizations that need to train their own emergency response teams in the military, aviation, mining, maritime, manufacturing and commercial work environments. FLAIM Trainer® allows these organizations to train possible events specific to their site, at their site.

Training service providers can also add FLAIM Trainer® into their organizations to greatly enhance the training services and experience they are able to provide their customers.


For more information on FLAIM Trainer® visit or for our US and Canada customers get in touch with the team at Darley please contact

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