MIT Water Summit 2020 – Panel – Effective management of water and energy trade-offs

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Unfortunately, the beginning of this recording is missing. For context, our moderator, Kevin Sofen, gave an introduction to the panel, and Diego Juan Rodriguez had started giving his introductory remarks.

As urban areas continue to grow, cities face a variety of competing environmental, economic, and social demands. The water-energy nexus highlights interactions between these demands: LA’s distributed water system, for instance, promoted urban sprawl that has increased transportation-related energy expenditure. This panel will highlight solutions and strategies to effectively manage resources in cities around the world, exploring how the relationship between water access and energy use creates both challenges and opportunities for urban planners.

-Newsha Ajami, Director of Urban Water Policy, Water in the West at Stanford University

-Hani Sewilam, Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources Management at the RWTH Aachen University, Managing Director of the UNESCO Chair in Hydrological Changes and Water Resources Management at the RWTH Aachen

-Amanda Brock, President, Solaris Midstream Holdings

-Diego Juan Rodriguez, Senior Economist, Water Global Practice at the World Bank GroupLearn more about H1 tags

Moderated by Kevin Sofen, Business Development Manager, W.S. Darley & Company

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