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How does Darley leverage its manufacturing operations to provide value to customer?

Asked by: Jesse Marroquin, Executive Vice President, Skeeter Brush Trucks
Darley has long been a leader in quality in the fire pump market with an impressively low total cost of ownership. In fact, pump warranty claims represent a fraction of half a percent of all sales. Manufacturing operations are driven by quality at every turn – from the re-investment in manufacturing technology to the 100% testing of all products. This is the result of a strongly ingrained company core value to serve those who serve, while making an impact on our communities, country, and allied nations. Our manufacturing facilities provide an impressive mix of new technology and tried-and-true techniques to ensure that we never sacrifice our high quality.

Darley’s manufacturing operations also support the customer through product flexibility, ensuring that we are providing solution based products that are highly configurable and adaptable to the specific needs of the customer. Our engineering teams work directly with customers to understand their needs and turn them into a high-quality product. It is also a priority to provide robust, high-quality solutions that truly answer those needs. To support custom solutions, Darley manufacturing operations focus on flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness using a workforce comprised of highly skilled individuals.

In addition to the impressive skillsets in manufacturing of our production employees, many of our employees are also serving the community as first responders. This provides an innovation cycle that is a never-ending pursuit of improving performance, user interfaces, and a deep understanding of our product use. Through product design and manufacturing engineering, this constant feedback loop is used to prove and improve our product every day. For instance, every single product that Darley releases has been put through a rigorous testing process that attempts to predict all potential failure modes and engineer them out of the product. The level of customer communication is a cornerstone of our operations. We consistently encourage our customers to come and see the Darley difference.

Overall, a customer-focused culture supported by a manufacturing facility that prioritizes customer value is key to success. By consistently delivering high-quality products and solutions that meet customer needs, Darley has established a strong reputation and fosters long-term customer relationships.

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