Inside Darley October 2018

Hi, I’m Paul Darley, thanks for coming to watch the October issue of Inside Darley.

We just got back from the FAMA/FEMSA annual conference in Austin, Texas. They put together a great conference and brought up some important discussions in the fire industry. I always encourage anyone who distributes or produces firefighting equipment to join the FAMA/FEMSA organizations; they are great resources in the fire industry.

The first attachment is our Fall issue of the Darley Times. The Darley Times is our biannual newsletter where we talk about what’s happening in Darley and a chance for us to spotlight vendors and employees. In this issue, we have a special tribute to my late father William J. Darley. We also announced our new board member General Ray Palumbo. Prior to the appointment, General Palumbo served two years on the Darley Defense Advisory Board. For our pump enthusiasts, we have an article about creating our PSM 1500 Midship Mounted Pump and the design philosophy that went into it. Our sales-force is an important part of Darley, page 3 of the Darley Times is dedicated to the newest sales members of team Darley.

We’ve had a lot of success with our Darley Safe Water Box and gained a lot of attention from the defense industry. The U.S Army recently bought over $250,000 worth of Darley Water. The Army favors our water box over bottled water because it’s smaller and easier to drop from a C130; while having 30% less spoilage compared to bottled water. We also make sure to help where we can. After hurricane Florence made landfall we donated 23 palettes of Darley Water to food banks in North Carolina.

Our second attachment is an article from Governing magazine called “New Day in the Firehouse.” The article talks about how the role of firefighters has evolved and changed over the years. Firefighters today are called upon more and more to provide public safety and emergency transportation than ever before. The article even talks about what departments can do to increase recruitment and firefighter retention with their new roles.

Our final attachment is the Flaim Trainer. The Flaim Trainer is a virtual reality device that firefighters can use to train on up to 10 different fire scenarios. The system immerses the user through a heated jacket and responsive nozzle. Fire departments have even inquired about using the system as a recruitment tool. If you or a fire department you know needs additional information email Matt Darley at

Finally, we had a visit from state representative Adam Kinzinger. He took a tour of our Itasca headquarters, and we even got him to try out the Flaim Trainer. We are always happy to have our state representatives stop by.

Thanks for tuning in to this issue of Inside Darley, if there is anything we can be doing to assist you we hope you reach out to us.

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