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Empowering First Responders to Train More, Train Better and Train Anywhere, while not harming the environment.

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Head mounted immersive virtual reality display paired with a patented haptic feedback system.

Feel the heat of the fire and the force of the nozzle reaction with the FLAIM Trainer.

Hose-line system and encapsulating hose and nozzle that can be customized with haptic feedback.

Personal heat vest with heat generation components.

What makes FlAIM Trainer feel real?

Immersive VR

FLAIM Trainer creates and immersive 360-degree training experience through headset tracking, realistic graphics, and audio. Giving each user a realistic experience in a virtual world.

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Patented Haptic Feedback

A patented force feedback system mimics a fire nozzle reaction, and a heated jacket provides the feeling of being near a fire. When combined the FLAIM Trainer creates an immersive and engaging simulation, perfect for training.

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FLAIM Trainer is a safe, low-cost, and mobile training aid for firefighters. FLAIM Trainer can simulate a range of fire events and mimic the scenarios environment, allowing firefighters to train more.

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What's Included?

Vive VR headset


Hose-line system

Personal heat vest with heat generation components.

Personal heat vest with heat generation components.

FLAIM Trainer

  • Five (5) scenarios that simulate compartment, aircraft (foam), gas cylinder cooling (BLEVE), car, and size up fires. Updates and additional scenarios will be available through the subscription library.
  • One (1) Mobile hose-line reel unit and Task Force Tip G-Force branch/nozzle generating up to 300 N of force, complete with a hose line packaging case for storage and transport.
  • Virtual reality tracking systems based on the HTC Vive.
  • One (1) Personal protective clothing with heat generation components to increase immersion.
  • Support Equipment including an operator control tablet (iPad), charging systems, ancillary support tools, storage and transport cases and Online/electronic user manuals and guides contained within dedicated storage and shipping case.
  • Software and software licenses for operation of FLAIM Trainer.


  • FLAIM Trainer PLUS increases immersion by having two operators in the same scenario. FLAIM Trainer PLUS includes an additional backpack and heated personal protective clothing.
  • Options are available to adapt FLAIM Trainer to your specific training needs. Speak to our representative for more details on how the FLAIM Trainer can help your department train smarter.
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