Inside Darley May 2017

Hello from FDIC 2017 in Indianapolis, I’m Paul Darley.

This month we are coming to you from our booth at FDIC 2017, which by all accounts has record attendance. We are seeing that as well with a packed booth nearly all day long. We have over 75 Darley employees manning the booth, including our new International Industrial Sales rep Jim Weigle. Watch for some great new industrial products we’ll be introducing in the June issue of Inside Darley.

We’re excited to release our brand new pump catalog. You can click the link or right here to download a copy for yourself or look for your copy in the mail.

Lots of legislative action in the fire industry right now. To that end we are holding our annual Illinois Fire Service Home Day on June 2nd at the Quinn Fire Academy in Chicago. We’ll be bringing together representatives, staffers and congresspeople at this event to talk about AFG and SAFR grants and more at this important event. Reach out to us or click here for more information. I hope you are doing your part to inform your local legislator about the issues facing the fire service today.

Lastly, I recommend you check out the May issue of Harvard Business Review if you have a subscription which is all about CEOs. To that end, we’re attaching a great article from Russel Reynolds Associates called “Making It To The Top: 9 Attributes That Differentiate CEOs”. Some great takeaways there.

As always, we appreciate you taking the time to watch Inside Darley. If there is anything we can be doing to assist you please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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