Inside Darley July 2017

Thanks for watching this month’s edition of Inside Darley – I’m Paul Darley.

Hopefully all the Americans in our audience had a wonderful 4th of July holiday. I’ve always found it a great time to reflect on those who have sacrificed and continue to do so for all of us including military, but also first responders and especially this time of year those in business of fighting wildfires.

It’s now wildfire season, and has been for sometime. I’m attaching an article year from March USA Today entitled “U.S. sees furious start to the wildfire season” . Wildfires are starting earlier, lasting longer and becoming harder to fight both in the US and around the world. We count wildfire firefighters among some of our best customers including Cal Fire and the Australian Country Fire Service who both recently made large purchases of Darley Pumps.

You might be wondering why is it that so many of these large departments rely on Darley pumps. To answer that question we’ve created a brand new section of our website entitled ‘Why Demand Darley Pumps.” Check that out if you have a few minutes. I also recommend taking a moment to download our brand new fire pump catalog for 2017. You can download via the 2nd attachment here.

If you are a fire truck manufacturer or equipper, I recommend staying current with the latest from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They tend to keep a close eye on the fire service and recently held a compliance meeting at FDIC this year. Our third attachment are the slides from that meeting. It’s a good idea to have someone from your company or department up to speed on these recommendations at all times.

Lastly we were honored to receive the Department of Homeland Security Small Business Achievement Award for 2017.

As always thank you for watching and if there is anything we can be doing to assist you please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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