Inside Darley August 2017

Hi, I’m Paul Darley. Thanks for coming to watch this months issue of Inside Darley.

We are just back from the Fire Rescue International Conference in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte, besides being a beautiful city and wonderful host, is also a Darley customer. With an ISO rating of 1, Charlotte recently standardized on the Darley EM2000 two stage pumps. We’re proud of our 38 year relationship with this great city including Buddy Caldwell, John Hannan and Luther Fincher.

Some of the biggest buzz at the show was surrounding the unveiling of Pierce’s new Industrial Truck. The truck features a 2ZSM 6000 GPM ‘Zeus’ pump. Recently tested in TEEX Texas A & M in July the pump flowed over 8000 from hydrant and 5,750 from draft thanks to the hard work of engineers Wayne Hable and Kyle Darley. We are working with Guiness to establish that as a new world record.

We recently held a Darley family meeting, a time for us to gather as Darley’s and discuss various aspects of the family business. To that end our second attachment is an article from a friend of mine Scott Robinson on 5 Family Business Strategies That All Companies Can Leverage. There are some great tips there.

Finally, it’s no secret that we all spend too much time with our email. We can all work to minimize and increase the productivity of that time by following a few basic etiquette rules laid out in our third attachment from Business Insider magazine.

Please look for my book Sold! to be released in the Fall. It’s a book about how to succeed at relationship sales. If you’ve got thoughts or ideas you’d like incorporated please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

As always thanks for watching and please reach out if there’a anything we can be doing to assist you.


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