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EM 2000 Two-Stage Pump

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The EM pump, NFPA rated to 2000 GPM, can be found in major North American cities such as Charlotte, Toronto, Philadelphia, Tacoma and Cleveland. Globally, the EM pump provides protection for some of the world’s largest cities including Beijing, China, Melbourne, Australia and Cairo, Egypt. If you want to move big water and have a second stage capable of significant high pressure performance at the top of the tallest buildings in the world, this is the pump you need. The EM’s high flow and high pressure capabilities make it a true “Big City” Pump.

While updates have been made over the past 20 years in production, the base EM 2000 pump has been tested and proven. It was first introduced prior to the pump naming methodology of Darley pumps where the first letter is the pump volute series (L, K, P), the second is the impeller and suction type - Single (S) or Dual (D) suction impeller, and the third is the drive method - (M) Midship, (P) PTO, etc. In actuality, this pump would be called the EDM. Along with our HM pump, we’ve decided not to change the name.

The EM is also available as a Single Stage 2000 GPM pump where higher pressures and better efficiencies at lower RPMs are not as vital. Whatever your need, Darley pumps can provide a solution. From our selection of floating pumps to fire boat pumps pushing over 3000 GPM, there is no fire pump manufacturer who can provide more innovation or has more offerings than Darley. To find the right pump for you, contact us at 800.4.DARLEY or email us here. After 108 years, you can still talk to a Darley.