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Vickers Sling from Blue Force Gear
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If you found a Vickers Sling lying on a table, you’d probably think it was someone’s belt with the clasp broken off. That is, unless you had ever been in any branch of our military, any of our foreign allies’ militaries, local or national law enforcement, a hunter, or married to someone who had been in one of the above-listed groups. Every membVickers Sling from Blue Force Gearer of the US military is relying on the Vickers sling to carry their rifle. SWAT team members across the country depend on them every day. Foreign allies’ militaries put their faith in Blue Force Gear’s US manufacturing. And there are several reasons that they do.

Blue Force Gear has a number of different slings, but their most popular is the Vickers. The Vickers Sling was developed along with Larry Vickers, a retired Army Delta Force Master Sergeant with years of special operations experience.

One of the coolest features of the Vickers sling is the quick adjuster-contrasting pull tab. The tab allows the wearer to transition from carrying the rifle comfortably to combat ready. The tab can be used to pull the sling tighter if you’re running, jumping or tumbling down a hill, and then released when you need your weapon.

Another feature of the sling that shows the quality and precision that goes into the manufacturing is the build of the adjusters and triglides. The nylon is reinforced with glass. The metal is machined aluminum. Both choices ensure the hardware lays flat and is strong when it needs to be.

Blue Force Gear makes a lot more than the Vickers Sling. In fact, they make a lot more slings than just the Vickers Sling. In addition to slings, they also make plate carriers, belts, pouches and a variety of medical supplies.

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