How do I store all this stuff? More than just military storage solutions

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It is incredible to think about the amount of time, energy and effort that the military puts into inventory its equipment. Every month commanders are responsible (much like general managers in the business world do with product) for inventorying their gear.

This is an excellent practice because it ensures that leaders are maintaining their equipment and it makes hand-over of property between commanders much easier. However, usually there is little thought given to HOW the gear is stored.

Nearly all organizational energy in defense procurement is dedicated to getting the right equipment into the hands of the end-users. Items individually come quipped with storage cases and means for the user to transport.

Motorpool storage 

But what about all of that STUFF collectively? There is no person, organization or process in place to ensure that military end users have an adequate place to organize and store all of their equipment. So when it comes time to layout the gear, nearly all of the time is spent digging out the gear to layout nicely, only to shove it back in whatever nook or cranny it came from.

Queue the team at Improve Group who not only understood this pain point, they work non-stop to develop solutions that eliminate the waste of time.

Align people, space and time to optimize efficiency. From solutions as simple as a ramp to help on and off-load tanks from rail cars, to stackable frames that optimize rolling-stock storage

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