Darley Safe Water Box Goes To Puerto Rico

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W.S. Darley & Company is working with the American Red Cross to provide safe water to those in need in Puerto Rico.

Safe drinking water is a critical need throughout the island after Hurricane Maria. Critical infrastructure was wiped out and public health officials fear it could lead to epidemics. It may take years before the infrastructure is repaired, requiring industry to bring new ideas and products to meet the shortfall.

To meet the immediate short-term need in Puerto Rico, Darley is donating 28 pallets of the Darley Safe Water Box to the American Red Cross. Each Darley Safe Water Box contains 2.64 gallons of water, with 60 units per pallet. In total, 1,680 units of Darley Safe Water Boxes, with 4,435 gallons of safe drinking water, are being shipped to the island. The Darley Safe Water Box can be given to a family, First Responders or the military to be used for a wide range of activities, including drinking, cooking and hygiene.

The water is vacuum filled in a flexible bag, creating a barrier to oxygen and aroma. It is then placed in an outer cardboard box, protecting it from light and air during the storage period, thus avoiding risk of bacterial contamination. This one-way packaging is compliant with hygienic requirements and makes packaged water affordable in a sustainable format. The bag and box are completely recyclable.


Recently the Darley Safe Water Box was utilized by the 82nd Airborne to assist with water resupply missions. Both the Army and Red Cross find the Bag-in-Box packaging desirable because it enables a longer shelf life, has less environmental impact, and provides for easier shipping and handling when deployed in the field.

Darley offered a special thanks to Pratt Industries and Water Event in Dallas, TX, for their contributions. Pratt Industries assisted with the boxes and donated the shipping and logistics to Jacksonville, FL. Water Event helped package the water and coordinate this team effort. Darley is proud to work together as a team with its industry partners, the American Red Cross and First Responders throughout the United States and around the world.

The shipment of Darley Safe Water left the production facility in Carrollton, Texas on October 3, 2017 and is expected to be delivered to the Red Cross in Jacksonville on October 6th, where the water will be loaded into shipping containers to be delivered to the people in need in Puerto Rico.

“Our hearts go out to those affected by this disaster in Puerto Rico,” said Paul C. Darley, CEO of W.S. Darley & Co. “Providing safe water to those affected is the least we can do. We are honored to work with the Red Cross to help those in need of the most basic resource: water.”

To learn more about how you can help provide safe water solutions to those in need, please email Kevin Sofen or visit https://www.darley.com/water/boxed-water.

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