Darley PS Pump Now Rated up to 2000 GPM

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The Darley PSM 2000 GPM pump is the most compact, durable, and efficient 2000 GPM (7571 L/M) end-suction pump on the market. The pump has been designed by experts in fluid dynamics technology and utilizes our proprietary silicon carbide mechanical seal, which handles use and misuse better than any other mechanical seal available on the market.

The gearbox will handle 19,230 ft. lbs. (26,072 Nm) of torque, and the gears are helically cut to ensure quiet operation. Our impeller is vacuum-cast – eliminating porosity – and dynamically balanced to ensure
smooth operation while spinning at over 5000 RPM. Pumps are modularly built for easy service and backed by the best service and engineering teams in the industry. The split-shaft PSM2000 is catching
the attention of builders of mid-mount aerials, where pump house space is almost non-existent. Our new offering allows for an easy 2000 rating using a lower cost Allison 3000 EVS transmission off a Cummins L9 400 engine rather than having to step up to the 4000 EVS.

We also have patents pending on the low noise characteristics throughout the entire pump curve, so the pump won’t scream while being used for mop-up @ 50 GPM @ 250 like other single suction pumps might. OEMs may opt to purchase our strippeddown pump assembly and capture further savings utilizing their own manifold design.

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