Ascent Vision X-Madis c-UAS System

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To combat the growing threat of hostile UAS, and near-peer air threats, the X-MADIS provides a complete solution that detects, locates, identifies, tracks, exploits and defeats airborne threats, including improvised armed SUAS and UAS swarms.

The X-MADIS is a battle-proven, rugged and reliable solution that has been deployed in a range of extreme environments, providing unmatched force protection, both on the move and in fixed locations. Because of its unparalleled performance and reliability, the X-MADIS is trusted to protect VIPs around the world. Capable of operations in urban, rural and littoral environments, the X-MADIS provides peace of mind for security, military and law enforcement personnel tasked with protecting the world’s leaders.


X-MADIS inside

X-MADIS inside

Its multi-mission functionality facilitates detection and early warning of traditional and improvised air domain threats, rockets and artillery fires; RF jamming of IED threats; and long-range detection and surveillance of ground targets utilizing the highest quality MWIR imagery.




The X-MADIS is a platform agnostic, multi-mission solution, ideal for fixed, mobile and airborne operations. The X-MADIS achieves long-range airborne threat detection, identification and defeat whilst on moving at speeds greater than 30mph over rough terrain.

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