Upfitted by Darley

Ford Bronco® Upfitted by Darley

Intelligent Command Vehicle Platform with Resiliency Around Computation, Connectivity, and Power with Rugged Offroad Capability & Durability

Enhance the Effectiveness of Wildland and Disaster Fire & Emergency Operations through the Integration of Distinct Systems, Modernization of Communication Platforms, and Implementation of Automated Processes.



Resilient Command and Control

  • Reliable on-scene capabilities
  • First responder & vehicle asset tracking
  • Virtual collaboration


  • Multi-Agency Collaboration
  • Vehicle as an office
  • Information sharing

Situational Awareness

  • Scene investigation
  • Real-time video streaming
  • Data-driven prevention and response

Access to challenging terrain
& environments

  • Built from Ford Bronco Badlands SUV
Darley Flame
Ford Bronco® Upfitted by Darley​


  • Satellite Communications: Satcom access while on the move in remote areas
  • Mesh Network: Extension of communica- tions via mesh network for flexible coverage
  • LTE & Communications Aggregations: Smart blended network connectivity
  • In Vehicle Power System: Lithium Energy Module with AC Inverter
  • Edge Computing, AI, Cloud: Cloud software stack for edge computing
  • Interactive Tablet Devices: high power touch devices for first responder operations
  • First Responder and Asset Tracking: Seamless tracking and accountability software
  • VTOL Drone: Quickly deployable quadcopter robot for situational awareness
  • Video Streaming: Real time transfer of video data from assets in field to vehicle
  • Modular Roof Rack System: Winch and other special features

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