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Team Darley's strength lies in our people. What can we do for you today?

Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Western U.S. Dealer Development and Municipal Sales Manager
Larry Akins
Larry Akins
Chief Executive Officer Fireboy Xintex
Cell: 616.405.3351
Juan Arguelles
Juan Arguelles
Sales Manager - Midwest Region
Leanne Berg
Leanne Berg
Customer Services Representative
Cell: 715.720.2525
Tim Berry
Timothy Berry
Federal Outside Sales Representative
Cell: 1-757-718-5232
Tony Biasi
Outside Sales Representative
Mark Biernat
Mark Biernat
Cell: 631.495.2162
Robert Bond
Rob Bond
Sales Manager
Direct Line: 1.319.987.2121
Jamie Boone
Navy West Coast Account Manager
Cell: 757-560-0823
Neal Brooks Staff Photo
Neal Brooks
Apparatus Sales Manager
Direct Line: 1.815-237-2336
Cell: 1.815.739.9822
Mike Brown
Director of Air Force & Business Development
Cell: 513-518-2663
Jeb Brown
Vendor Relations Manager
Cell: 312-532-3519
Peter Capulli
Supply Chain Manager
Cell: (630) 258-4480
Troy Carothers
Troy Carothers
Auto CAFS Manager
Direct Line: 800-634-7812
Cell: 715-720-2667
Karen Catanese
Karen Catanese
Inside Equipment Sales
Cell: 1-630-290-7647
Joe Catania
Joe Catania
Director of Online
Direct Line: 630-735-3536
Cell: 224-532-3275
Steve Chamberlin
Steve Chamberlin
Lead Engineer
Direct Line: 319.987.2226
Troy Connor
Troy Connor
AFSOC & TACP Sales Manager
Cell: 1-850-381-3550
Glenn Costa
Glenn Costa
Inside Sales
Direct Line: 708.273.6913
Steve D'Agostino
Liaison Manager, Defense Division
Cell: 708-207-2943
Guy D'Amico
Outside Equipment Sales Rep
Cell: 6308781308
Paul Danielson
Paul Danielson
Customer Service Rep
Cell: 715.720.2678
Photo of Jim Darley
Jim Darley
Pump Division Sales Mgr.
Direct Line: 708.273.6906
Cell: 708.902.0020
Jason Darley
Jason Darley
North American Sales Mgr.
Direct Line: 1.715.726.2650
Cell: 1.715.456.9390
Ryan Darley Staff Photo
Ryan Darley
International Sales Manager
Cell: 1.612.799.5598
Paul Darley Staff Photo
Paul Darley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Direct Line: 1.708.273.6920
Cell: 1.708.267.6288
Jeff Darley Photo
Jeff Darley
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
Direct Line: 1.715.720.2527
Tom Darley
Tom Darley
Vice President Equipment Sales
Direct Line: 708.273.6916
Cell: 708.902.0010
Will Darley
Will Darley
Supply Partner Manager
Direct Line: 708.273.6914
Cell: 708.902.6408
Audrey Darley
Director of Vendor Relations
Cell: 630-254-1328
Joe Darnell
Joseph Darnell
Customer Service Rep
Tim DeWitz
Tim Dewitz
Sr. Product Designer
Cell: 715.559.0218
Kristin Emery
Kristin Emery
Inside Sales/Contract Manager
Cell: 1-847-800-4474
Philip Evans
Expeditionary Engineer Outside Sales Manager
Greg Field
Gregory Field
General Manager Pump Division
Cell: 715.944.9559
Chris Gannon
Chris Gannon
Business Develoment Manager - Latin America & Caribbean
Cell: 591 60004824
Angie Garcia
Assistant Inside Sales Manager
Cell: 847-946-6644
Ben Gaughan
Ben Gaughan
Content Marketing Specialist
Direct Line: 224.230.6391
Debbie Guagenti
Inside Sales Support
Direct Line: 708-273-6925
Matthew Harris
Business Development Manager
Cell: 910-546-4209
Jordan Hatmaker
Cell: 757-477-9446
John Heaton
Director of Army Sales
Cell: 630-277-0371
Dan Hicks
Daniel Hicks
AFSFC & AFGSC Sales Manager
Cell: 1-850-612-4694
Mandy Hrdlicka
Mandy Hrdlicka
Customer Service Receptionist
Cell: 715.563.6054
Terry Hughes
Terry Hughes
Wisconsin Apparatus Sales
Bruce Ireland
Bruce Ireland
Midwest Dealer Development and Municipal Sales Manager
Cell: 817-964-4118
Reina Irizarry
Reina Irizarry
Web Designer
Shawn Kelly
Northeast Dealer Development and Municipal Sales Manager
Cell: 717-723-7398
Drew Kiechler
Northwest Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 915-474-7533
Marius Koekemoer
Marius Koekemoer
Sales Manager Africa
Cell: 27 813748534
Keith Larson
VP Sales & Marketing Fireboy-Xintex
Cell: 231-907-0101
Steve Lee
Steve Lee
Customer Service Rep
Cell: 715.720.2532
Sean Lewis
Inside Sales Representative
Cell: 2245082875
James Long
Vice President/Fire and Defense Equipment
Direct Line: 708.273.6922
Cell: 708.369.3657
Scott Menaker
Inside Equipment Sales
Cell: 847-644-0285
Mike Mitchell
Outside Equipment Sales
Cell: 847-370-3444
Mike Mocerino
Robotics Business Development Manager
Cell: 630-363-7288
Jack Moore
Jack Moore
Pump Sales Representative
Direct Line: 630-735-3556
Cell: 847-524-6552
Martina Morosanu
Sales/Office Manager - UK
Cell: 44 07791947087
Steve Moses
Pacific Sales Manager
Cell: 808-781-1284
Scott Nichols
Scott Nichols
Inside Sales
Cell: 847-345-0799
Lairy Normand
Lairy Normand
Customer Service Manager
Cell: 715.720.2526
Kevin O'Sullivan
New Zealand & Marine Specialty
Cell: 64 274900682
Charles Othon
Inside Sales
Cell: 520-456-7671
Mary Ann Paderski
Inside Equipment Sales
Direct Line: 708-273-6912
Sean Phetchanpheng
Robotics and Virtual Expert
Jim Phillips
Outside Equipment Sales
Cell: 262-613-3029
Neil Read
Neil Read
Customer Service Rep
Cell: 44.741.145.9777
Brandon Santiago
Equipment Sales Representative
Cell: 630-202-1834
Kevin Sofen
Business Development Manager
Cell: 310-625-6248
Dorian Valeriano
Inside Sales Representative - Federal Fire
Cell: 630-849-0066
Amy Vander Woude
Amy Vander Woude
Customer Service Rep
Cell: 616.735.9380
Lou Vicelli
Outside Sales
Cell: 630-209-7484
Ron Voisard
International Equipment Sales
Cell: 312-371-6691
Jim Weigle
Middle East
Cell: 352-302-8931
Amanda Whitlaw Staff Photo
Amanda Whitlaw
Marketing Director
Direct Line: 1.630.735.3559
Cell: 1.847.863.8763
Damian Wing
International Sales Rep Australia
Cell: 61.413.385.880
Trevor Wing
International Sales Rep Australia
Cell: 61.407.901.474
Bo Zhang
Bo Zhang
International Sales